Izmir Centre for the Right to the City

Izmir Centre for the Right to the City (ICRC) is a new initiative aiming to address crucial issues faced by the city dwellers in their everyday life. ICRC seeks to empower citizens who struggle to get access to justice, city infrastructure, food, care, etc.

İzmir Centre for the Right to the City (ICRC) set out from the understanding that common responses, tools, solutions and spaces could be developed through democratic and emancipatory methods at the local level and could be central despite shrinking avenues for struggles for ​​rights at the country. ICRC describes itself as a city project focusing on the rights of those whose rights are threatened, whose voices are weakened, with a dream of governing the city together.

Research and Community Solutions Unit

This unit aims to be an interdisciplinary hub, reaching out to data scientists, urban sociologists, anthropologists, legal scholars, architects and urban designers, in order to address identified problems.

Education and Advocacy Unit

Mainly consisting of lawyers, scholars and CSOs members, this unit produces and disseminates knowledge and resources about the right to the city and tools to enforce them.



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