Research and Community Solutions Unit

This unit aims to be an interdisciplinary hub, reaching out to data scientists, urban sociologists, anthropologists, legal scholars, architects and urban designers, in order to address identified problems. Research focuses on fundamental social issues related to the right to the city, such as housing, food and education. This unit also works in hands with the local community to develop original and sustainable solutions to the most urgent issues faced by the local public. The RCS unit:

  1. Establishes the scope and method of fieldwork and needs assessment and supervises the collect of data on the ground
  2.  Analyses data collected on the ground and other sources available on the socio-economic fabric of the city
  3. Develops printed and online resources (memos, articles) that contributes to the work of the education unit and can be resources for municipal institutions, academics and NGOs
  4. Participates in and/or initiate collaborations and networks with research institutions and CSOs. about the right to the city at the national and international levels
  5. Monitors the outcomes and impact of the local initiatives supported by the unit
  6. Creates a network of local actors through regular contacts and meetings
  7. Develops strategies and solutions to address the issues faced by the local population, in collaboration with local actors, taking into account experiences developed in other settings.
  8. Develop participatory decision-making processes to give a central role to the needs, aspirations and agency of local citizens
  9. Provide logistical and financial support to community initiatives such as cooperatives, community shelters, gardens or kitchen.
  10. Liaise with other initiatives in Turkey and abroad for knowledge and experience sharing and ensuring the sustainability and diffusion of the community solutions
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