Who are we? Our Principles and Values

İzmir Centre for the Right to the City (ICRC) set out from the understanding that common responses, tools, solutions and spaces could be developed through democratic and emancipatory methods at the local level and could be central despite shrinking avenues for struggles for ​​rights at the country. ICRC describes itself as a city project focusing on the rights of those whose rights are threatened, whose voices are weakened, with a dream of governing the city together.

ICRC aims to promote the concept of the right to the city by considering its dynamic nature.  To do this, it prioritises the participation of city dwellers in urban governance and their joint management of common living spaces through collective capacities of individuals.

ICRC is an organisation that is willing to have a say on the city-matters including its transformation. ICRC desires to think about the city together, to strive for a fairer life through sustainable solutions.

ICRC aims to develop and implement collective solutions through transformative information.

ICRC adopts a holistic approach to the city. ICRC focuses on the inequalities, vulnerabilities and access to justice.

ICRC actively learns and feeds itself from experiences of others.

ICRC focuses on the access to justice of citizens in need and vulnerable groups by providing public legal education and resources. The program encompasses right to housing, access to healthy, sufficient water, food and education, etc. It also aims to increase the citizens’ understanding of their rights and to strengthen access to justice in these areas of rights. It aims to make the resources it gathers and produces accessible throughout the country.

ICRC aims to bring together fellow citizens, non-governmental organizations, municipal governments and officials, academics, lawyers, and rights advocates, to create a dynamic platform. This platform proposes to rethink urban problems and develop original and sustainable community solutions.

ICRC also sees itself as a school for everyone. It sees learning, producing and sharing together, not as one of its activities, but as an approach that is integrated with all its activities.

ICRC considers the diversity amongst its employees; against discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, language, religion and belief. Additionally, employees of ICRC treat all living beings equally and demands a good life based on justice for all species that can not Access to justice.

ICRC guarantees to comply with national and international legal norms as well as general principles of law.

ICRC stands against crimes against the city, society and nature.

ICRC aspires to establish partnerships with relevant individuals and institutions in a collaborative, democratic, participatory manner based on mutual solidarity.

ICRC defends historical and cultural heritage.

ICRC adopts non-hierarchical, non-discriminatory, non-coercive, non-imposing, non-competitive, non-punitive and non-oppressive relationships and communication between its employees and partners.

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